Geocompass App for the iPhone and iPad

Lambert is an app that turns your iPhone or iPad into a geological compass.

You can use Lambert to measure the direction and the angle of dip of geological strata or for the measurement of the plunge and plunge direction of lineations. All measurements will be stored and can be reviewed in data tables. The data can also be previewed in projection diagrams and transferred to your computer.

Using Lambert on the iPhone has a number of advantages in comparision to a conventional geological compass. The measurements are more precice than measurements with a conventional geological compass. You will also work faster because you don't have to adjust the iPhone on the schistosity plane. You only have to place the device on the plane and adjust it roughly in the direction of the dip. The program calculates the precise direction of the dip.

Also, it does not matter wheather you perform measurements in display-up or display-down device position. Therefore, you easyly can measure also on the downward side of geological planes.

    List of Features
  • Easy, fast and precise measurement of planes and lineations
  • Choose heading relative to magnetic or geographic North
  • Preview data in Rose Diagram, Joint Diagram and Wulff or Schmidt Net
  • Add text to measurements
  • Show measurement locations and data on maps with tectonic symbols
  • Transfer data by email, Wifi, iOS Document Sharing or iTunes File Sharing
  • Manual Data input is possible
  • Group measurements in collections
  • Realtime stereographic projection of device orientation
  • Runs natively on the iPad and iPhone